About - Joel Aquino

Hi! My name is Jose Elmer (Joel) Aquino from Philippines and welcome to my photography website. I'm a freelance photographer based in Dubai. I started photography since 2016 attending various workshops and seminars, watching online courses and applying through lots of practice. A self-thought photographer for short. I really love to take pictures of peoples and events. I enjoyed it a lot and happy to learn something new day by day from experience. My goal in taking portrait picture is to show the utmost beauty, grace, enthusiasm and emotion of a person. For me, photography is essential to life. Memories captured through the lens are priceless. They are histories preserved and a time capsule for everyone when the future comes. Now, I never stop seeking for new knowledge about photography. Styles, techniques and concepts. Like what they say "Learning never stops". Before I get into photography, I already knew something about photo editing in Photoshop, so for me I didn't find it difficult to post process my photos. Now I feel really lucky because I can earn extra from my passion to be able to support my family. Gaining new friends in every photowalks and collaborations. That's a bonus thing for me and I really like it. Holding my camera gives me an opportunity to capture a specific vision to share with others. Ultimately, a well captured image represents a moment in time that is expressed infinitely, and that’s enough of a reason for me to hang a camera around my shoulders wherever I go. I always shoot in RAW and in manual mode. All of my post-processing is done in both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. As an artist, the biggest favor I ever did myself was stop comparing my work to that of others, and rather than trying to imitate the editing style of someone else. Creating color grading that combined all my favorite things into one custom look. A mixture of rich, hazy, matte and muted colors. When I'm not holding my camera, I also enjoy playing PC games, reading books, playing with my 2 kids, watching movies from Netflix, cooking, jogging and hanging out with friends in my free time. That’s all about me telling you. If you want to know more please contact me at (+971)50-996-7215 or email me on the link below. I would be glad to tell you.

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